Placer Minerals Group


Staff from the University of Leeds

Dr Rob Chapman - Principal Investigator: Geochemistry / Mineral Exploration
Dr Jeff Peakall - Reader: Sedimentology
Dr Nigel Mountney - Senior Lecturer: Sedimentology
Prof Bill McCaffrey - Professor of Clastic Sedimentology

Current PhD Researchers

Rob Lowther - Modelling the evolution of giant gold placers

Mathew Grimshaw

Albertina Nakashole

Masters Students 

 Tom Mileham will begin a master (by research) in May 2014. Tom will be looking primarily at variation in gold composition within alkalic Cu-Au porpyries in British Columbia but will also investigate their relationship with composition of local placer gold.



Dr Norman Moles - Principal Lecturer, University of Brighton; Indicator Minerals
Tim Wrighton - MSc  (MDRU / UBC); Placer Gold Geochemistry
Jeff Bond - Surficial Geologist; Yukon Geological Survey (YGS)
William LeBarge - Consulting Placer Geologist; Geoplacer Exploration Ltd
Prof James Mortensen - Professor, University of British Columbia; Mineral Deposits
Dr Liaqat Ali (Univerity of Peshwar)

Dr David Bond (University of Hull) 

Associated institutions

PMG welcomes collaborations with existing research and industry based institutions as a method of increasing knowledge exchange and accessibility to a more comprehensive range resources.

The University of British Columbia Mineral Deposit Research Unit (MDRU)

The Mineral Deposit Research Unit (MDRU) is a collaborative venture between the mining industry and The University of British Columbia (UBC). The unit, which was established in 1989 with support and financial assistance from the mining industry and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), is an important part of the Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences and an internationally recognized research group devoted to solving mineral exploration-related problems.

Turbidites Research Group (TRG)

The TRG is a recognized leader in the study and analysis of deep marine clastic sedimentary systems. Based in Leeds University, UK, the group is supported by UK research councils, by other UK governmental funds and by the oil industry worldwide. The aim of the TRG is to study the flow dynamics and deposits of turbidity currents and related flow types via outcrop studies, flume experiments, seismic studies and theoretical approaches. Improved understanding of the processes involved in deposition leads to a better capacity to predict sand distributions, and characterise reservoir properties.

Fluvial Research Group (FRG)

The FRG brings together a broad range of expertise for the study of fluvial systems with the aim of developing a better understanding of both the behaviour and evolution of modern rivers and the applied significance of ancient fluvial sedimentary successions. Based in the School of Earth and Environment at the University of Leeds, this applied research group is part of the Centre for integrated Petroleum Engineering and Geoscience (CiPEG) and seeks to develop solutions to meet the needs of a variety sponsors including major oil and gas companies and mineral extraction companies, as well as UK research councils and government agencies

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