Placer Minerals Group


Companies that sponsor PMG automatically gain full access to a comprehensive database of results. Innovative methods of knowledge-transfer are the key delivery technique enabling companies to access and utilse the data.

Specific examples of deliverables available to project sponsors over the course of the project include:

  • Full results of all ongoing research projects.
  • A list of key papers to introduce recent advances in relevant fields.
  • Literature reviews of key works and recent developments in research themes.
  • Comprehensive bibliography arranged into a database searchable by keywords.
  • Example presentations, seminars and lectures delivered to a range of audiences.
  • Past, present and future media and publication materials.

Example deliverables

Short Courses
Sponsors will gain access to teaching materials designed and delivered by PMG members in a range of environments.

Dr Rob Chapman presents "Exploration Geochemistry of Gold Grains in Stream Sediments" at the MDRU Exploration Geochemistry short course, Roundup 2012, Vancouver. The main elements of this talk include;

  • Chemical characteristics of placer gold
  • Field methods for collections of populations of placer gold grains
  • Using alloy compositions and inclusion assemblages to characterize a population of gold grains
  • Population signatures and style of mineralization

Conference Proceedings
Sponsors will receive access to all relevant past, present and future presentations by PMG members at both national and international meetings.

25th International Applied Geochemistry Symposium; Workshop 3; Indicator Mineral Methods in Mineral Exploration:

  • Placer gold microchemistry (in conjunction with mineralogy and mineral chemistry of mineral concentrates) to characterise bedrock sources - Dr Norman Moles, Dr Rob Chapman
  • Microchemical characterization of placer gold: Application in exploring glaciated terrains for volcano-hydrothermal and orogenic gold mineralization - Dr Norman Moles, Dr Rob Chapman

Sponsors will also benefit from a comprehensive library of posters covering related topics, produced and delivered by PMG members spanning all levels.

  • Gold mineralization in Scotland: a rough guide for goldpanners - Dr Rob Chapman


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