Placer Minerals Group

Welcome to the Placer Minerals Group

The PMG draws upon expertise in the fields of sedimentology and ore deposit geology to provide a unique centre for industry facing research. Our range of expertise is applied to economically important placers, the relationship between placer minerals and their source and the application of placer geochemistry and mineralogy in the field of mineral exploration.

We are based in the School of Earth and Environment at the University of Leeds and have associate members in other institutions worldwide. We work closely with our sister institutions the Turbidites Research group (TRG) and the Fluvial Research Group (FRG) to provide a comprehensive sedimentology based resource for the full range of extractive industries. Our close connections with the Minerals Deposit Research Unit, (MDRU) based at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada provide a strong link with a world class ore deposits research facility.

Key points

The overall aim of the group is to apply sedimentological and mineralogical expertise to studies relating to mineral exploration and exploitation.

Knowledge transfer is a key remit of the PMG. Sponsors will have access to data bases which describe and in some cases evaluate previous research. In addition we have a repository for various talks, lectures and posters presented by PMG members which may be used feely by members.

Invited associate members ensure that we have world class expertise in all our areas of activity.

For further information on the PMG please contact:
Dr. Rob Chapman at or +44(0) 113 3433190

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