Placer Minerals Group

Current Activities within Placer Minerals Group

PMG has a range of ongoing research across the globe. Key topics within the Research Themes are highlighted below. This represents a small fraction of the research that will be made available for PMG sponsor companies. For further information please follow the links to PMG contacts.

Indian river field notes

Contact: Dr. Rob Chapman

MDRU Yukon gold project (details)

  • Establishing the mechanisms responsible for gold mineralization
  • Distribution and significance of gold types
  • Defining geographically coherent signatures of gold origin
  • Implications for future exploration


Contact: Rob Lowther

White Channel Gravels (WCG), Dawson District, Yukon

  • Increasing knowledge of large scale placer formation and evolution
  • Improved modelling of auriferous gravel deposition
  • Implications on exploration criteria for locating new resources


Contact: Rob Lowther

Flume tank modelling of heavy mineral transport

  • Investigating heavy mineral transport within braided river systems
  • Distribution of heavy mineral deposition
  • Implications on the future exploration of sedimentary depositional environments


Contact: Dr. Rob Chapman

Investigating the origin of gold in the Klondike placers

  • Characterisation of both lode and placer gold samples from across the Klondike district
  • Systematic survey of mineral inclusions to establish specific microchemical signatures for different gold types
  • Spatial and temporal evolution to reveal distinct mineralization systems responsible for the Klondike placer gold
  • Indentifying potential exploration targets

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